I Want Someone…

I want someone to be proud of me — someone who would show me off to the world and say, “hey world, this is my world right here.” I want someone to tell me it’s okay to not finish my food when I’m already full — someone who would take a sip of whiskey for me because I could no longer do it. I want someone who would let me stay one more day because they don’t want me to go. I want someone who doesn’t exist.





I may not know

what you want from me

for you are an enigma

invading my mind hourly

it is no longer a secret

that I have fallen for you

but I would like to let you know

that the least thing you have to do

is to make me feel

like I am less of a woman

Don’t make me feel bad

about the things I don’t do

or I’m not going to think twice

about letting go of you.




Room Redecoration


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Location: My mom’s place, Midlevels, Hong Kong

I love how my mom decorated this room. It is so close to being minimalist. Take out all the duplicate pillows. Remove the unnecessary items on the ladder shelf, maybe leave the piggy bank and the frame. Leave the flowers on the bedside table and take out the other items. 🙂




Home Alone


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Location: My mom’s place (Midlevels, Hong Kong)

Being an only child has its pros and cons.

Pros: You get to have everything you want without having someone to share it with.

Cons: You get lonely because you have no one to share anything with. 😀

PS: I used a tripod and my camera was on a timer. No ghost in here. Haha.